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   Baby Wise Owl was established in 2013 in Colorado.  Baby Wise Owl is a boutique full of beautiful artwork and skin care. My Name is Hitomi Park.  I am one of the founders of Baby Wise Owl.  I was born and raised in colorful Colorado.  Also,  we have gained  more people to the Baby Wise Owl's team and development.

Since I was young, I have been surrounded by mountains and nature. As I was growing up, I needed lip cream because my lips were extremely chapped for being up in high elevation. My lips looked like red and round octopus lips. My lips stung when I tried to lick my lips and try to hydrate it. Also, after I washed my hands, I had very dry fingers along my nails. My fingers were sometimes really dry to the point where the skin cracked ultra deep and stung terribly bad. Oftentimes, I had a hard time washing my hands because the soap irritated my cracked skin Therefore, I started doing a deeper research and looked for a remedy to help with the red and round octopus lips and cracked skin.
   One particular item we really like is the Insta Cream. The Insta Cream has been in research for over a year and we have seen wonderful outcomes from the product. The Insta Cream has brightened skin, helped replenish sun damage, healed skin rash, and has made some people look more youthful than before. 
Furthermore, we are working on making Insta Cream in a larger container, so please keep your eyes open to new options. 

   Lastly, Baby Wise Owl products are free from harsh chemicals, paraben, phthalate, and artificial colors. Our product is tended for children, women, and men; it does not matter what age you are or gender. We hope Baby Wise Owl products will help rejuvenate, replenish, and change your skin and heart like it has helped and transformed us tremendously.  

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Our most special ingredient: 
A dash of kindness,
a sprinkle of love,
and the rest from above.


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List of Supporters:

Arbor Day Foundation 
The Nature Conservancy 
St. Jude
Heifer International
Environmental Working Group: EWG
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 
Once Upon a Child
Turning Point for God 
St. Joseph's Indian School 
Academy Christian Church
National Wildlife Federation  
828 Church 
Smithsonian Zoo 
International Christian and Jew fellowship
Kobachan fishing blog

Lastly, all glory goes to God for allowing this company to come this far and being able to create a product that will help relieve irritated skins. God SO loved the world that he brought his one and only son  (Lord Jesus Christ) so that we will not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16