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    About Baby Wise Owl's skin cream: 

    Baby Wise Owl skin care cream is the first creation to focus on hydrating skin through natural plant resources.


    Baby Wise Owl's cream ingredient:

     Coconut, Vitamin E (may contain some Sweet almond oil), Argan, Rose hip, Avocado, essential oil, glycerin, and bees wax. 

    1. Coconut will...help hydrate and moisten your skin back to youth. 
    2. Argan oil will...help with any scarring or wrinkles due to all the various rich Vitamins and fatty acids. 
    3. Avocado oil has rich nutrients of vitamin A, B1, B2, D, and E. Avocado oil will help with any sensitive skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. Also, avocado oil has moisturizing, regenerative, protective for skin and hair, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating properties. 
    4. Rose ship oil will...help replenish and heal your skin due to the high content of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. 
    5. Essential oil will...help all the flavors collaborate together. 
    6. Glycerin will...helps retain the skin water. Also, Glycerin gives a soft and supple feel to the skin. 
    7. Bees Wax will... Seal all delicious and nutritious oils on your skin.
    8. Last but not least, our last ingredient is LOVE.

    This cream does wonders! 
    This skin care product will be a great addition to your morning and evening facial care regimen. 
    After 1 week, skin is hydrated, skin feels smooth & refreshed, fine lines, wrinkles are less noticeable, skin color is brightened, skin feels healthy, and youthful appearance returns!

    Also, Baby Wise Owl cream is great for:
    Any skin areas that are dry or any minor cuts 
    Great for healing your skin!

    Accepting large quantity orders for special occasions such as birthday parties, baby showers, bridal shower, wedding gifts. Also, Baby wise owl cream is great for birthday gifts, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Christmas, And gifts to give for special occasions.

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    *Product patent pending