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Welcome to the "Cotton Yarn" Mission! 

We are on a mission to help poverty children and Veterans who are in an unfortunate situation in life through our "Cotton Yarn" mission. 

We are trying to collect NEW OR USED Basic T-shirts to create crochet items such as a crochet basket, rugs, another miscellaneous items in our household. Not only are we helping the poverty children with education, food, medical need, and hope in Jesus Christ.  Furthermore, We are helping the homeless and Veterans. through the cotton yarn project, we are helping local people create jobs to help with sustainability through trade.

You can help by ordering a shipping label for your boxed items.

There is 10 shirt limit for each box.

If you would like to ship more, adjust quantity for each box you would like to ship. 

Check out and you will receive a shipping label from one of our staff. 

OR If you have a mass amount of shirts, please email for other solutions. 

Thank you for your help in allowing our community to grow and to help others along the way!